...was lying dead on the landing and was not bleeding.

This is a distinct improvement
It seems we were greatly missed by two thirds of the feline population of Norris Towers.

The catlings, Josie and Cally were vocal in greeting our return (or was it demanding "Gooshy Food! Now!"?). Ivan sauntered in later in his usual laconic style.

Before arising this morning there the two youngsters were, alternately curled up next to us or demanding tht ears be scritched. On getting up I noticed nothing, went downstairs, fed them, took Penny a cup of coffee then went about sorting myself out for the day. Sometime between then and when I kissed Pen farewell just before I left, one of the little darlings deposited a gift on the end of the bed. The mouse population of Stoke Gifford has been reduced again.
Ivan (the Terrified) came in just after we'd headed for bed on Friday night, making that sort of half-muffled, very proud mewl that means he's got something in his mouth.

Investigation )
Or rather, catlings. They're a bit big to be kittens now, but not yet grown. Anyhoo...

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Jun. 15th, 2005 02:29 pm
Both kittens safely recovering from general anaesthetic after spaying.

Actually received a round of applause after a presentation this morning (there's a first) - hope this afternoon's goes as well.

Would still rather be in Italy.
Ivan has obviously found a good supplier of takeaway food for the feline customer.

A second mouse was carried in last night, batted about the dining room laminate for a bit and then devoured head-first.


May. 26th, 2005 11:43 am
It's definitely, officially summer now. How do I know?

Well to start with there's a test match underway and England are bowling poorly. Perhaps more indicative, at 0115 this morning Ivan (the Terrified) brought in the first mouse of the year. This one was DOA and very soon DIS (Decomposing In Stomach). I'm not sure whether it's a good thing that the kittens were in their room for the night by this point.



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