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A thoroughly domestic weekend really.

We did a fair bit of gardening on Saturday, including a quick trip out to Almondsbury Garden Centre for a rather nice poppy, a small thing with purple flowers whose name I can't remember and a somewhat gorgeous purple/red foliaged shrub. The Garden Centre is all [ profile] marktoy's fault. A fair amount of weeding on the front patch on Saturday, noting with approval that eight of the ten hawthorn bushes we planted are now in leaf (and the two that aren't are filling small gaps between two well established ones anyway, so if they fail it's not a problem). Just the small strip under the front window to tame and put a few bedding plants into now. The back's starting to look really rather nice. Apart from the "lawn", which will when the moss finally dies off and the grass re-establishes itself - it's rather straw/bare earth at present.

Sunday/Monday was decorating the hall/stairs. We've gone for another two colour combo - a pale yellow on the straight walls and a deeper, sunnier one on the risers. A decent couple of lunches (bacon, egg and brie rolls - yum!), groaning at Raikonnen's mistakes/ill luck at the Nurburbring, a rather good pork roast cooked by [ profile] pennyanne for Sunday supper and a visit to the zoo yesterday afternoon supplied diversion while waiting for the paint to dry. We managed to completely miss Dr Who though - need to chase round the locals to see if anyone taped it.

The zoo was looking really pretty - lots of flowers and late spring/summer foliage out. A tad over-crowded for my taste, but then it was a Bank Holiday afternoon. We'll have to go back again when it's quieter to get a good look at the new arrival (Gorilla Island was surrounded three/four deep all afternoon so we only had a glimpse). The advantage of membership is that we don't feel the need to see absolutely everything whenever we go to get our entry price's worth. Though we really must get down there more often. Every time we go I really enjoy the place.



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