Request from [ profile] pennyanne who doesn't get private use of the net these days.

Pen works for a charity, Tree Aid which runs reforestation and sustainable development projects, mostly in sub-saharan West Africa. Their major publicity/fundraising event for the year, Sculptree, is part of the Festival of Wood coming up at Westonbirt Arboretum over the week leading up to the August Bank Holiday (the website needs updating for this year's dates, but the basic information is the same).

Over the week 12 large (and I mean two to three times human height) sculptures will be created and they will be auctioned on Bank Holiday Monday. This leads to the question - does anybody know or can suggest a person or organisation who might be interested in bidding for one? Typically they go for about £2k-£2.5k, so it's probably someone who wants something for an estate ([ profile] marktoy you might know someone?) or a company or public body look for a major work of art.

Notwithstanding that my wife works for them, I do think this one is a very good cause. Any suggestions in a comment or email to (and tell her I sent you)
Loud, very bright at times, highly energetic, bloody good.

Not the best gig I've ever been to (that's still a close call between Slade at Aber's King's Hall in '84 and Springsteen with the E Street Band at Wembley in Summer '85), but well worth the admission price. Ser Reznor is obviously committed when playing live, though I was expecting someone scrawnier. I'd probably have enjoyed it more if I'd been more familiar with the music, particularly the newer stuff, which he started with. I like what's on With Teeth but I've only heard it through a couple of times. No Perfect Drug unfortunately, which is my favourite, but a stonking finish with Starfuckers and Head Like A Hole. A few lighters lifted in salute, but the orange flickering was far outnumbered by the blue/white glow from camera phones. One to go to again, when I'm more au fait with the oeuvre.

Penny now owes me a Joe Jackson gig...



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