Two follow-ups on the BNP's use of images from the bombed No 30 in a Barking & Dagenham Council by-election.

Firstly, They lost the by-election. By quite some margin, by the BBC report.

Second, a thoughtful piece in today's Gaudrian from Ehsan Masood, reflecting on the similarities between Griffin's misuse of the Koran and al-Qaeda's.
BBC News now has an article on what the BNP are up to. Opportunistic, hate-mongering tossers. I hope they lose by a very wide margin.

Sick minds

Jul. 12th, 2005 11:05 am
Dropped Penny off a little later than normal this morning, then turned on the radio as usual to catch some of Toady on the way up Cotham Brow.

What I heard was quite sickening. Nick Griffin of the BNP was being interviewed, because they're using images from last Thursday's bombings in their new campaign. He was claiming that "the majority of verses" in the Koran advocate hostility to people who don't follow Islam and therefore encourage terrorism. Apart from the fact that he's plain wrong about this, when it was pointed out by (I think Jim Naughtie) that there are some such verses in the Bible, Griffin's response was that "Christianity has moved on".

I haven't heard such a self-serving pile of innuendo, falacious argument and downright lies in ages. Kudos to the BBC for giving the man the opportunity to condemn himself out of his own mouth.
RIP Patsy Calton. One of the few people in politics for whom "Politician" was a term of approbation.



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