Bernie (gods rot him!) has just announced the dates for next year's Grands Prix. There's a little shuffling because of some other sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games and a minor event taking place in Germany in July called the "World Cup".

All this means that the British GP will be at Silverstone on 11th June, the day after our wedding anniversary. The current plan is to walk into a travel agents a week or so before and see what last minute deals they have on. It may be worth considering a weekend of watching fast cars.
The FIA has decided that the seven Michelin teams who withdrew from the US Grand Prix are guilty of bringing Formula One into disrepute. Personally, I didn't think that was possible any more and that if Williams, Briatore, Stoddart et al are guilty of such, then Ecclestone and Moseley certainly are. However...

In its wisdom (cue hollow laughter) the FIA are waiting until 14th September before they pass sentence. They've obviously taken note of the various comments that the teams would have to meet to decide what to do if they felt the punishments were too harsh. The teams now have to decide whether to take part in the next seven races, knowing that it may not be worth the candle and that their entire season could be randonly up-ended with only three races to go. Moseley himself has said that personally he'd like to see a couple of bans, which isn't exactly encouraging.

I repeat what I said before: what an absolute shambles. There isn't really anyone emerging from this with much credit, but the one with the most discredit, who should hand over the shovel, stop digging and quit his job is Moseley.

...and the latest is that the FIA (ie Max Moseley) has charged the Michelin teams with bringing the sport into disrepute.

What an absolute shambles that was. Pen and I sat there in increasing disbelief and eventually turned the box off as the Ferraris entered the first corner. I'm wondering if there's any point in watching any other race this season after that.



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