Jan. 30th, 2012


Jan. 30th, 2012 10:52 am
We had a pretty quiet weekend, in all. Penny bought me Dominion for my birthday last week (along with the new Prof Layton). We've played a few times on Monday nights with M&H, but only with the initial recommended set-up, so we tried it to see how two-player works and then looked at a couple of the alternative set-ups. I'm enjoying it, but so far I'm getting creamed. A few other games also played on Saturday to take Pen's mind of being uncomfortable. She reasserted her reign as Queen of San Juan, but I won a couple of others.

General baking continues - by both of us, with a complete failure at bread-making by me as I misread the scales and only put in half the flour needed to make olive oil and rosemary bread. First attempt is now in the garden for the birds. Second attempt went much better.

Most of Sunday was spent watching the Daytona 24 hour race on Motors. We'd watched the start before bed on Saturday and I then flicked it on to find out what was happening with 6 hours to go and got hooked. It stayed on to the end (often in the background while we did other things), but this was a cracking race. Very close all the way between the top three prototypes and the top 4/5 GT cars. I do feel sorry for Alan McNish who drove two or three superb stints and was in the end let down by one of his co-drivers having a brief off-track excursion which damaged the rear aero and lost a little off the top-speed. Without that a 6-second loss would almost certainly have been a win.

No news is no news on the baby front. One or other (or both) set of parents are ringing pretty much every day now. Nice that they're concerned for and care about us, but it can be a little wearing at times. The theory that the bump would follow her Mum and Aunt (both two weeks early) has failed. Back in work and braced for phone call at any time.



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